Painted Surfaces Wax Protection Spray 250ml

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Wax Protection Spray for Painted Surfaces

  • Combination of high quality carnauba wax active substances
  • High gloss and deep color deep
  • Long-term protection against UV Inspection and Rays
  • Hydrophug effect

Fields of application: All motorcycle surfaces, such as paint, metal, plastic, chrome, etc. as well as brilliant headphone bodies. For mate surfaces, use Spray Wax Protection Mate Surfaces. Do not use on tires, SA, brakes, scales, etc.

Use: Shake the bottle before use. Spray the product on a Lavet soft, without lint (or directly to the surface) and distributes evenly. Allow to dry about 1 minute and polish

Careful: Do not use in direct sunlight or on heated surfaces. Keep the bottle away from frost.

Contains: 250 ml