Antifurt flexibil 2.4metri Steelcore

2.4 meter flexible anti-theft device

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Steelcore flexible anti-theft device secures the bike, motorcycle and luggage you want protected. We know that nothing is indestructible, but with this anti-theft device you increase the execution time of the perpetrator - in case of theft and reduce your reaction time - a few minutes make the difference.

Why Steelcore burglar alarm? 

CSteelcore belts are extremely strong for their weight, they can be used regardless of temperature and conditions of use, what is very important for them is that the exterior, ie polypropylene belt, has been designed to minimize damage to any surface finish. In short, everything that is secured and why it is secured, the goods - accessories - motorcycle - car - bicycle - etc. will not be scratched and will not be affected in any way.

Why do Steelcore straps last?

They contain a 7/19 steel cable in the center - that is, 7 cores with 19 steel wire wires each! - and are covered with a two-layer polypropylene strap, resistant to cutting.

Includes a set of 2 keys and instructions for use.

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