Kit de reparatie cu dop si compresor Stop & Go

Mushroom tire repair kit with compressor

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Ideally, Tubeless tires are repaired from inside. Unfortunately, when you make it until you can solve the problem and continue your journey.

Here comes this repair kit - it has everything you need to repair a wheel and see your way as soon as possible: 15 plugs, the tools you need to mounted and compressor to swell the wheel in place.

Some of the compressor features:

  • Compressor 12 V - 6 A (cable length is 150cm)
  • Clock 0-3.5Bar
  • Extension for Lighter (95cm)
  • Clip extension for direct battery connection (30cm)
  • 10cm storms for connection to valve
  • 2 Adapters for balls or other sports items
  • Instructions for use
  • Protective cover

The compressor may be Purchased and separately.

This device can mount both dimensions. You will also find 15 rubber plugs. If you need more, you find reserves of 5 stops here:

Kit contains:

  • Compressor 12V / 6A
  • DOP application tool
  • Allen
  • Two Models of Ace for Balls or Sports Articles
  • 15 rubber plugs size s
  • Retractable cutter
  • Indoor cover
  • Instructions for use
  • Zipper cover (17cm x 10cm x 9cm)
  • Kit weight: 771g

What does repair look like rubber stopper?

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