Polish for plastic or painted surfaces 220ml

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Provides a gorgeous gloss finish on all plastic or painted surfaces (not mate paints).

  • Eliminates fine scratches
  • Protects against dirt and facilitates cleaning
  • Does not affect decorative stickers or aerograph paint

Can apply on

  • Painted parts
  • Windscreen
  • Headlights
  • Yawn

Use: Clean the surface before application (eg with S100 Total Cleaner +). Shake the bottle well before use. Lustruss the surface with a sponge (moistened) through circular movements up to 1 minute. Press stronger to remove more scratches effectively. Finally, polish with a microfiber cloth (eg Microfibra Lavet) For a bright finish.

Careful: Protect from frost. Do not use on heated or painted mats.

Contains: 220 ml