Kit de reparatie de buzunar, cu dop Stop & Go
Kit de reparatie de buzunar, cu dop Stop & Go

Pocket tire repair kit

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This device allows the installation of both the "S" and the size of the size "L" without the tire, not even removing the wheel on the vehicle. All you have to do to stop the hole in the wheel is to rotate the screw in the rear end of the applicator. The rotation movement will push the "mushroom" end of the stopper inside the rubber.

This kit is indispensable regardless of the vehicle you are going, whether it is scooters or motorcycles, whether it is cars, vans, campers, caravans, etc. This device can mount both dimensions.

In the pack you will also find 20 rubber plugs. "S". If you need more, you find reserves of 5 stops here:

What does repair look like rubber stopper?

S-ar putea sa iti placa si

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