Universal Security Strap - Single 0.9m

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The strap steelcore 0.9m is ideal for catching small accessories / goods or requiring a very long strap. For example: Bicycle Securing, Backpacks, Bags and Textile Bags, Offroad Accessories, Moto Casca, Bicycle Headset, Driver, Scale, etc.

In the case of vehicles or trailers, the steelcore safety belts can be fixed, locked and can be left in the area where the accessories are desired, thus allowing you to know that there is always the anti-theft systemAt hand, and to get rid of cordelines and other elastic straps (which, all of us, all the time are lost and hard to find)

Why Steelcore and not another stranger? Apart from the fact that these steelcore straps can only be cut with flex (even they have a life) and that they can be used regardless of the temperature and conditions of use, which is still very important in them is that the exterior, that is, the polypropylene strap It was designed to minimize damage to any surface finish. In short, everything that is secure and why is secure, goods - accessories - motorcycle - car - bicycle - etc. will not scratch and will not be affected in any way.

Why does Steelcore straps resist?

Contain a 7/19 steel cable in the center - that is, 7 cores with 19 steel wires each! - and are covered with a two-layer polypropylene strap, cutting resistance. The straps have aluminum buckle, aeronautical quality, and covered with corrosion resistance powder with a key lock device.

Includes a set of 2 keys and instructions for use.