Can holster

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Where do you hold your chain spray?

It is important to maintain the chain in a good condition - especially in long journeys. However, there is nothing worse than a chain spray tube that flows into the baggage. To prevent these accidents, we invented the tube holders. Fixed outside the luggage, they can easily carry sprays and containers of all kinds.

Of course, they can be attached to our bags Blizzard, Monsoon 3, Monsoon Evo. or Tornado 2..


  • It suits any container
  • Reflective prints for optimal visibility
  • 2 drain holes in the lower part
  • Can be attached to the bags Monsoon 3, Monsoon Evo., Blizzard, (in 4 positions) or bags Tornado 2.

Technical details

Diameter 9 cm x length 20 cm x max can length 25 cm

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