Leather cleaning gel 500ml

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The perfect solution for cleaning your leather equipment.

  • Thorough cleaning
  • Long-term action due to the new gel formula
  • Removes very easily dirt like insects
  • Protects the skin
  • Optimal preparation of skin care
  • Anti-slip and colorless.

Areas of application: Smooth (glossy and matte) skin, including Cool TFL skin, perforated skin.

Use: Spray directly and let it take 1 min. Then clean with a sponge using circular and light movements. Rinse your sponge regularly. Delete areas treated with a the microfibre laveta slightly moistened with water.

Important: Clean and dry skin should be treated with skin care products (eg, S100 Skin Care Balm).

Components: Less than 5% cationic fragrance surfactants, under 5% non-ionic surfactants.

Careful: Cause serious eye irritation. In case of accident, consult a physician immediately. Keep the product in its container and label. Keep out of reach of children. If it goes into the eyes: rinse with water for a few minutes. Remove contact lenses if wearing. Continue rinse. Upon completion Store / Discard the container in accordance with the regulations in force

Contains: 500 ml