Hydrapack HP03 bladder

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Be a hydrated

It does not matter if you participate in a rally, cross the dessert or just enjoy a motorcycle output, Hydrapak® maintains moisturizing at an optimal level. It perfectly matches our Hurrican backpacks and you travel comfortably and hydrated.


  • Shape-Shift ™ technology for a thin profile and improved stabilization; loosen to increase the volume and turn back for easy cleaning
  • Slide-Seal ™ The cover opens wide for easy filling and closes with a waterproof zipper
  • HIGH-FLOW BLASER ™ The drain valve is sealed after each swallow and prevents leaks when it is not used
  • Made from ultra-durable TPU & RF welded seams, abrasion-resistant, sustainability and superior elasticity
  • The dust protection stop protects the silicone valve against the E87 dirt
  • The 91 mm flexible tube isolated in warm weather and provides protection in difficult conditions

Technical details

Unlocked volume: 3 liters
Locked Volume: 2.5 liters
Dimensions: 440mm x 165mm
Weight: about 160g
Tube length: 91cm
Tube diameter: 6mm / 1mm TPU isolation foam