Enduristan Monsoon 3 panniers (set two pieces)

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100% water resistant, dust, mud and snow.

Enduristan 4 levels of protection

  1. Wear Protection: The outermost layer of 3-layer fabric consists of a powerful polymer that acts as superior wear protection. With a completely welded design, it makes Monsoon 3 even tougher.
  2. Breaking Protection: The middle layer is from Nylon 1000D mesh, densely woven but flexible to allow Nylon 1000D filaments to distribute the efficient load.
  3. Water protection: The inner layer of 3-layer fabric is made of a red polymer for perfect visibility and is 100% waterproof. Unlike strong gents, closing the roll-top does not bend permanently in case of an accident, keeping the elements completely waterproof.
  4. Impact protection: In front, underneath and back, we have added a high impact plastic to protect the contents of the gravel or branches.


  • Red inner lining for increased visibility
  • 2 separators folded per bag
  • In-6 inner bags (available separately)
  • 2 rows of loops for grip per bag
  • Ergonomic gripping handles
  • 3 compression straps per bag
  • Shoulder strap (available separately)
  • Mounts and dismantle easily from motorcycle
  • The distance between the bags is adjustable - between 21 and 75cm
  • Wash it easy
  • Sustainable construction


Can be fitted without luggage holder

Monsoon 3 bags fit on many motorcycle models, even in the absence of dedicated luggage. You always care for the bags not to touch the motorcycle drum. To keep a safe distance between the drum and luggage, we recommend that you use the Inferno thermal shield.

Mounting with luggage

If you have already mounted a baggage holder on the motorcycle, we offer a mounting kit that contains two more rokstraps straps with which you can also firmly catch the baggage of the metal holder.

Technical details

Volume: 15-30 liters adjustable (each bag, total 30-60 liters)
Dimensions: (15 liters): approx 36 x 20 x 24cm (per bag)
Dimensions: (30 liters): approx 36 x 25 x 33cm (per bag)
Weight: Approx: 3.0 kg (full set)