Genti interioare Blizzard (M-XL) (set doua bucati) Enduristan
Genti interioare Blizzard (M-XL) (set doua bucati) Enduristan
Genti interioare Blizzard (M-XL) (set doua bucati) Enduristan

Interior Bags for Enduristan Blizzard (M-XL) (set two pieces)

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Many times a day of traveling through rain, mud or dust says the word - at the end of the day, you do not even get unpacked, the less it comes to take the moto bags in the room.

Here are the inner bags for Blizzard. Are made of a robust, used material, and already the consecrated inner bags for Monsoon 3.. The zipper is very long and gives a very generous opening of almost 360 degrees.

These bags are thermally welded, so waterproof. If it rains out when you get to your destination or do you need them, you do not worry about getting wet what you have inside.

As with all our bags, their cleaning is extremely easy, just with water.

The main feature of the bags Blizzard It is the innovative form that does not restrict movement while you go off Road. If you lean back during a steep descent, you will not touch the bags. Also, luggage will not hang because there are no unnecessary straps on the outside.


  • Ergonomic handles
  • Very long zipper
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof
  • Incredibly easy and sustainable
Technical details

Blizzard - M.
Total Volume: 17 (2 x 8.5) Liters
Width (per bag): 38 cm
Height (per bag): 35 cm
Depth (per bag): 12.5 cm
Total weight: 0.11 kg (per bag)

Blizzard - L.
Total Volume: 24 (2 x 12) liters
Width (per bag): 39 cm
Height (per bag): 35 cm
Depth (per bag): 18 cm
Total weight: 0.129 kg (per bag)

Blizzard - XL.
Total Volume: 34 (2 x 17) liters
Width (per bag): 44 cm
Tall (per bag): 37 cm
Depth (per bag): 20.5 cm
Total weight: 0.146 kg (per bag)

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Le-am luat ca sa scot mai usor bagajele fara sa dau jos gentile. Sunt subtiri si nu ocupa loc mult.

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